BRANDVIEW - Building the best brands of tomorrow



Brandview is a global branding study created by Lippincott five years ago, with the aim of analyzing brands from a different perspective, bringing a set of insights and drivers to help companies work better and manage their brands. Reaching its 5th edition, it will take place across four continents and includes more than one thousand brands, from the leaders of today to tomorrow’s pioneers. This is the only study in the world capable of comparing brands from different sectors using the same criterion.

Unlike rankings for traditional brands, Brandview identifies the main drivers of successful brands, comparing their performance on different strategic fronts of brand building, providing a clear vision of future scenarios. It conveys our point of view regarding the most successful drivers in metrics, identifying threats and opportunities to build better brands.

Brandview presents an original and exclusive approach to measuring and evaluating brand performance, considering historic variables, experience, authenticity, vitality and future potential. It also classifies brands into 16 sectors, including health and financial services for example, subdivided into 36 categories. The classification analysis was adapted for the Brazilian market in order to match segmentation of the national market with other markets.