A brand called Brazil

Valpírio Monteiro

In an attempt to answer this complex question with all the necessary subtlety and simplicity, we will need to look backwards. I have worked with the construction of symbols, their relative language and insertion in different cultural microenvironments for three decades...

Design in BRIC`s: copy or new frontiers?

Luciano Deos, Charles Bezerra and Ellen Kiss

Emerging countries, whose economies until recently were based on commodities and were incapable of building strong brands, are today potential competitors for developed economies when it comes to innovation. Design plays an important role in expanding this competitiveness...

Identification Exercise

Leonardo Araújo

From this moment on, you the reader are embarking on a journey through the entire retail universe. I am honored to debut the Redesign column convinced that, in conjunction with the other collaborators, we will compile a true forum for innovative concepts, trends and strategies for store