Mijksenaar / Wayfinding Design & Consulting


Mijksenaar is one of the world’s most important consultancy firms specializing in wayfinding, which involves designing signage, navigation and information systems to facilitate mobility in areas where large numbers of people are concentrated. The company, based in Amsterdam, Holland, was founded in 1986 by Paul Mijksenaar and its projects are developed using systematic and in-depth analyses. Wayfinding design is directly linked to brands.  All the patterns and visual references, as well as work with environmental design, have a significant impact on users. Designs are always in line with the attributes of brands and the goal of delivering its promises, transforming clients’ businesses.


The company has an impressive portfolio of international experience, with projects for the airports in Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Geneva, Rome, Washington and New York. Some of these cities are also the sites of projects for ports, railway and subway stations.The Dutch consultancy firm also has developed wayfinding systems for cultural and sports centers, such as the Lincoln Center and Amsterdam Arena, as well as the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum. Additional projects were also devised in world renowned hospitals and medical centers, parks, events centers and educational complexes.