We are a brand consultancy company. We are Branding, Design and Communication.


GAD’ is recognized as one of Brazil’s foremost brand consultancy companies. In its 30-year history, the group has helped hundreds of companies to transform their businesses by creating value and standing out through their brand. Based on the belief that brands are powerful instruments and that their role is to convey company culture, strengthen its business strategy and guide its products and services, GAD’ uses a proprietary, integrated and collaborative methodology to create innovative concepts and solutions, elevating companies and their clients to a new level of brand building. The company enjoys partnerships with two major international consultancy firms, Lippincott and Mijksenaar, with service platforms resulting from a highly specialized approach.


With a highly qualified and multidisciplinary team of approximately 100 staff between its São Paulo and Porto Alegre offices, GAD’ has built up an impressive portfolio of clients from young entrepreneurs to major organizations, such as Vivo, Gerdau, CPFL Energia, Petrobras, Net, Dass, Ipiranga and Claro, to name but a few. Its ethical and constructive performance in the market, combined with more than 150 awards - Cannes Lions, London Design Awards, New York Festivals, IF Design – have cemented GAD’s outstanding national and international reputation and secured its position as a pioneering company and a benchmark in brand consultancy.