Grace Meurer

Director/ Brand Design & Communication
  • Brand Activation & Communication


The first questions Grace asks are usually: - what is the idea? What we mean by that? Where we want to go?
She is responsible for communicating and activating brands here in GAD'. She leads a creative and strategic team. These two things must work together. We are a species of storytellers. How can we make a brand or service becomes more interesting to the consumer? Which story this brand will tell? What is the brand promise? Before anything else, is a strategic reasoning, but of course the form, aesthetics and verbal translation of this reasoning has to be beautiful.


Grace has a degree in Advertising from Famecos PUC-RS and got MA in Graphic Design from the University of the Arts London, Camberwell College. She works with advertising for 22 years. At age 21 rode her own agency, Acori, and during five years felt the skin diversities of the profession, but forged me for future challenges. Afterwards she was Creative Director at DPZ America where she headed to the DCS, and remained there for six years, until she went to study in London. When she returned, she spend two years passed by Paim, W3Haus, GAD, and returned to DCS, where I was Director of Digital Creation and in the next year, she became the Managing Director of Creation. In 2012, she moved to São Paulo, where she was Creative Director of Ogilvy, caring exclusively for the account of Claro. And then to Ogilvy came back to the GAD', assuming the position of Creative Director. In her portfolio are clients such as Claro, Olympikus Azaleia, Tramontina, Stihl, Coca-Cola, Royal, Fila, Umbro, Tryon and Eudora, among others.


She loves antiques. She has a kind of private museum of communication at home. She likes to retire antique furniture and take a fresh look about them. She collected stamps for years, her and her grandfather passion. She has always been very attached to sports, and has practiced everything from table tennis and fencing Fistball (the latter originally a German sport unknown in Brazil, but yes, there is such thing).