A history replete with passion and commitment


In 1984, in his second year at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul’s (UFRGS) School of Architecture, Luciano Deos decided to set up a studio with two classmates.  His idea was to design projects that combined architectural solutions with visual communication, focusing on commercial settings in light of the feeling that retail stores and settings at the time did not adopt an integrated approach to the different manifestations of brands: façade, window displays, packaging, merchandising, architecture, communication, etc.  At the same time, he strove to delve further into this "new universe” and explore the full potential of design as a tool in expressing brands and products, services and environments and ensuring that they stand out. This dream, begun in the city of Porto Alegre, quickly grew and brought new partners, plenty of staff and hundreds of clients and partners who believed in the project. Today, thirty years later, that small studio is GAD’: one of Latin America’s most important consultancy firms in branding, design and communication. With a national and international reputation built on a bold history, GAD' has secured its place in the market and made history.  Its unique and proprietary approach has brought something new to the market and established GAD’ as a global benchmark in its area.